Basic health check-up command for cisco….

The following commands can help anyone to get a view of health of a cisco router/switch..

show clock
show version
show running-config
show stacks
show interfaces
show controllers
show process cpu
show process cpu history
show file systems
show bootflash: all
show disk0: all
dir const_nvram:
show sip1-disk0: all
show redundancy
show redundancy history
show controllers t1
show controllers e1
show ipc queue
show ipc rpc
show ipc port
show ipc port open
show scp status
show ibc
show hw-module all fpd
show hw-module all sensors
show hw-module subslot all oir
show ip nbar version
show crypto key mypubkey rsa
show inventory
show region
remote command switch show nvlog
remote command switch show ibc
show fabric errors
show fabric channel-counters
show eobc
remote command switch show eobc
show tech platform earl
show mls statistics
show logging
show module
show mls asic
show power
show environment
show catalyst6000 all
show diagnostic events
show interfaces switchport brief
show interfaces trunk
show vlan
show mac-address-table
show spanning-tree active
show spanning-tree summary
show heartbeat


One thought on “Basic health check-up command for cisco….

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